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30th October, London International Guitar Show.

Tonetech is exhibiting for the first time at the London International Guitar Show at Kempton Park Racecourse on Sunday 30th October.  We’d love to meet some of our Southern customers so why not come along and say hello.

We’ll be bringing the new ToneUp range of products, Fret wire from Sintoms, a range of tools and a box of bargain goodies.  If you want to look at any particular products, let us know and we’ll see if we can bring them along.  Cash sales on the day is preferred but we should have our paypal card reader with us.  As long as wifi is working we can take card payments.

Japanese Bracing saw.

The smallest of our saws is made to enable you to cut bracing that is glued to the soundboard or back, without marking the surface of the surrounding wood.  The curved 66mm long blade has a minute 0.2mm kerf.  When making delicate, precise cuts this saw will offer maximum control.  The saw cuts on the pull stroke.

Gavitt Vintage Hook up wire.

We were asked by Bailey Guitars to see if we could stock Gavitt Cloth covered pre-tinned hook up wire.  We got in touch with Gavitt and had 1000 feet each of off-white cloth, and black cloth covered wires made.  It’s proving very popular so it won’t be long before we’re ordering more.

150 Grit Diamond Block.

Weighing in at 0.9kgs this 200mm x 69mm x 6mm steel plate is coated in 150 grit diamond abrasive.  Made in Japan this quality sharpening plate can be used to quickly restore sharp edges on chisels and plane irons.   It can double as a fret levelling tool as the diamond grit will quickly take down any high spots on your frets.

Small Dozuki Saw.

The smaller cousin to our standard Dozuki saw from Japan has a 150mm blade with a 0.3mm kerf.  The narrow kerf and sharp teeth enable precise saw cuts to be made with little effort.  We think this will become your “go to saw” when accuracy is required.  This saw cuts on the pull stroke.

Economy slot head tuners for acoustic guitars.

At the cheaper end of the scale for machine heads these Gotoh, “3 on a plate” slot head tuners are great value for money.  We’ve sold lots of the classical guitar version of these machine heads so we’ve added the acoustic post option for those who prefer the slot head style on their acoustic guitars.  The posts are 35mm apart.

Standard Fret Levelling File.

This double sided single cut file is designed to be used on Nickel Silver fret wire.  The file is 160mm x 25mm.  Diamond coated files are expensive so if you normally only work on nickel Silver Fret wire this is a good economic alternative.

4” Spring Clamps

Ideal clamps in a pack of 10.  Useful for clamping kerfings and linings and other small clamping jobs.  The jaws pivot to match the clamping angles. The jaws open to 40mm wide with a 40mm deep throat. 

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