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November 25th - December 1st




Over the past few months we have been curating a selection of our favorite accessories we personally use on the trail. All of the items offered have proven themselves time and again to be must have items when spending weeks or months in the backcountry. We hope you enjoy our selection. If you are looking for that perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the ultra-lighter in your life our accessory selection is the perfect place to start your search.


by Whitney “Allgood” La Ruffa

Cnoc Vecto Water Containers

This fellow Portland, OR brand makes some of the most innovative water bags on the market. Using a strong TPU material which is BPA free, their Paten Pending double slide opener makes these a breeze to fill up. I have been using these bags for the past 2 years on trail, I love how small they pack when not needed, and I relish the extra water carrying capacity they provide on long, hot, and dry stretches of trail. The biggest draw for me though is how easily these pair with my Sawyer Squeeze or Sawyer Micro Squeeze to create a gravity filter. I can relax and snack while the water filters get my water clean and ready for the next stretch. In over 1,000 miles of desert hiking I have yet to puncture one of these bags.


Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Wallet

The RunOff Waterproof Zipper Bags are 100% waterproof and dust-proof. For years I used the thru-hiker wallet on the trail - a ziplock bag. Using Ziplock bags had one major issue though. During heavy periods of rain everything in it eventually got wet. This summer I received a Runoff Wallet and since then have taken it with me in the field to see if it was a truly better waterproof option. From hiking in the Alps in high humidity, to a week of cold rain in the Canadian Rockies and few trips in the far reaches of Oregon’s back country I am happy to report that this wallet is waterproof, rugged, and my new favorite hiking wallet. While it might be slightly heavier than my old Ziplock bag, the added security of having a completely waterproof wallet makes it a must have. As an added bonus, the wallet keeps headphones and extra memory cards safe and dry during endless days of slogging through rain. If you carry more than a pocket full of items you need to keep dry, we also offer the RunOff Pocket, a slightly larger version of the wallet. 


Deuce of Spades

“You will most likely not get eaten by a bear, attacked by a mountain lion, or bit by a rattlesnake, but I guarantee you that after a cup of coffee and oatmeal you are going to need to poop in the woods while on the trail”

-Pete “Czech” Sustr

The Deuce of Spades was the brainchild of renowned gear designs Mike Cecot-Sherer, and was first launched as a Kickstarter project back in 2014. I personally supported that campaign, and from the time my Deuce arrived I have never left home without this little gem in my pack. Weighing in at 17g (less than a bite of a snickers bar) this little tool is essential for digging a proper cat hole. For those Ultra-Lighters who are concerned about an extra item in their pack, have no fear, the Deuce of Spades also can double as an excellent tent stake, especially in sandy soil. After 5 years and 4 thru-hikes my Deuce is still going strong and makes my morning constitutional that much easier to leave no trace. 

Deuce Number 2
Deuce Number 2

Loksak Opsak Odor Proof Barrier Bags

For years on trail I always wished someone would make a Ziplock bag that was big enough for all my food and also smell proof to help avoid the dreaded critters from getting in. The Loksak Opsaks fit the bill nicely. These military spec bags feature a double zipper and thick plastic, making them tough, waterproof and smell proof. I have used these bags over the years in black and grizzly bear country to help keep my food safe. I have yet to have a mouse get to my food while using them, and on the Oregon Desert Trail in 2018 these bags kept my food safe and dry while swimming over a ½ mile through the Owyhee Canyon. They also make for a great pillow when sleeping under the stars.

Lopsak Opsak

A Hiker's Relationship with the Land 

by Rennee "She-ra" Patrick​​​​​​​

"As avid backpackers and hikers, we spend countless days, months, even years of our lives outside. Sleeping under trees, swimming in creeks and lakes, cresting saddles and summiting mountains…it is no understatement that significant portions of our lives are spent away from walls, canned air, and artificial light. That extensive time outside can give you a different perspective on what makes a rewarding and fulfilling life. I often hear, thru-hiking ruins you for normal life..."

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving we asked a few of our

Ambassadors what they were thankful for.

“I'm grateful for my volunteers who help me to maintain our trails, and for all of our amazing public lands that make them possible!”

- Renee ‘She-ra” Patrick

“So thankful to have the opportunity to walk thousands of miles through pristine wilderness, wild places still exist and are accessible to us eager to marvel in their beauty.” 

- Dahn Hikes

"I’m grateful to be able to hike and raise money to help people with disabilities get outdoors by providing equipment and experiences."

- Hawkeye Johnson​​​​​​​

"I'm thankful for the wide open free spaces and the challenges to get there."

- Jason Huckeba




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