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Newsletter No. 7, March 2020. A Report of Activities in 2019

Dear Colleague,

Because of your interest in the organ, we are sending you this newsletter. The Leupold Foundation’s mission is the preservation, reproduction, and dissemination of the culture of the pipe organ. If you would like to learn more about The Leupold Foundation, go to www.wayneleupold.com/foundation; and The Leupold Archives, go to www.wayneleupold.com/archives. Many exciting things happened in 2019!

First, a Gift...

In 2000 Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc. (now Leupold Editions, a division of the Leupold Foundation) began publishing small collections (hymnaries) of new hymn texts and tunes by some of the finest living hymn text writers and hymn tune composers. Currently, over fifty have been published, which contain a total of over 3500 new texts and tunes. All of these are now in a database, which we intend soon to put on our planned new website.

Since recent times, the present and the foreseeable future pose challenges for all of us, we decided to share one of our hymns that speaks to adversity and challenge in this newsletter. Feel free to download it, share, print, and use it in any way that you think appropriate (click image below to download). All we ask is that you give credit, as shown at the bottom of the hymn.

Permission is given to reproduce freely the hymn, “Though Despair, Like Deepest Darkness”, through May 1, 2020. After that date permission is given if the reproducing entity has a CCLE, OneLicense.net or LicenSing license. Otherwise, contact Leupold Editions, a division of the Leupold Foundation, for permission. Text (“Though Despair, Like Deepest Darkness”) and tune (LOVE’S LIGHT SHINING) from Faith That Let’s Us Sing, Fifty New Hymns and Short Worship Songs, words by Mary Nelson Keithahn, music by John D. Horman. © 2017 by Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc., 2020 reassigned to Leupold Editions, a division of the Leupold Foundation.​​​​​​​


The Archives​​​​​​​


Archival Donations 

Don Armitage (3 organ solos); Barbara Carey (311 organ solos, 2 books); Carson Cooman (49 organ
solos, 2 organ collections); Quentin Faulkner (62 organ solos, 28 organ collections, 3 books, 4 posters,
151 CD’s, 37 misc. items); Eileen Guenther (753 organ solos, 221 books, 272 journals, 586 hymnals,
441 CD’s, 1,472 LP’s, 80 misc.); Noberto Guinaldo (25 organ solos, 1 organ collection); Amanda Husburg (45 organ solos); André Lash (22 organ solos, 15 organ collections);​​​​​​​

Dan Locklair (12 organ solos, 8 facsimiles of organ manuscripts, 10 CD’s); Margaret Mueller (243 organ solos, 150 organ collections, 6 books, 11 convention programs); Betsy and Neil Oerter (31 journals, 9 convention programs); William Osborne (282 organ solos, 294 organ collections); Marilyn Rabbi (35 organ solos, 3 books); and Richard Webb (1 rare organ collection). ​​​​​​​

We are most appreciative of all the above-listed donations. Such generosity enriches the collection and enhances our mission to preserve the wonderful richness of the organ’s repertoire. Here is a photo of one of the donors, Eileen Guenther, who, last fall with her husband Roy, drove a truck containing her library in sixty-five boxes from the Washington D.C. area to our facility in Colfax (a suburb of Greensboro) North Carolina.​​​​​​​


Archives Cataloging

On May 14, 2019, the archives arrived at a milestone when one of our volunteers, William Osborne, cataloged the 10,000th item of solo organ music into our catalog database. Bill celebrated with a glass of Clamato juice (sans alcohol). As of this newsletter’s date, all the American holdings have been cataloged, and we are halfway through the English holdings (current total 12,000).


Designated Files and Collections

The Leupold Archives has created two composer/performer/scholar “designations”: (1) designated files and (2) designated collections. Designated files contain, in addition to music (manuscript and published), copies of articles, monographs, other objective information, and general documents. Designated collections, in addition to all of the above, also contain unique items, such as original correspondence (to and from that person), photos, and other one-of-a-kind memorabilia. A “collection” is intended to be a comprehensive assemblage of materials that present, as much as possible, an in-depth understanding of the life of that individual: who the person was, how they lived, what they did, and the significance of their work. Currently, we have created the following designated files and collections:

Designated Files
Johann Sebastian Bach
John Barr
Johannes Brahms
Alfred Fedak
César Franck
Alexandre Guilmant
Felix Mendelssohn
Rachel Laurin
Joe Utterbach​​​​​​​

Designated Collections
Marcel Dupré
Maurice Duruflé
George and Nancy Faxon
Lynnwood Farnam
Arthur Poister
Ernest White
McNeil Robinson
Calvin Hampton
Robin Dinda


Size of Collection

During 2019, the holdings of the archives have grown. We now have dedicated an entire second room in the building that we own to the archives. It contains most of the books, all the encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals, and a section reserved for a future work station for audio equipment.


Visiting Scholars and Volunteers – Use of the Collection

In 2019 Charles Echols, researching English 19th century organ music visited on July 18-19 and Sept. 23-24, Alan Barthel was again a resident volunteer for a week. (Oct 28-Nov. 1).


Educational Outreach

Open House

On February 23, 2019, The Leupold Archives presented an open house at our facility (8510 Triad Drive, Colfax, NC) in conjunction with the Piedmont Chapter of the AGO. Numerous editions of organ music, books on the organ, organ methods, and autographs were on exhibit. All the staff from Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc. (8) and the archives (4) were in attendance.  Over fifty attended, which included faculty and students from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, Salem College, and the North Carolina School of The Arts, as well as members and friends of the Piedmont Chapter of the AGO.

Exhibits at Recitals

In 2019 The Leupold Archives continued to present exhibits in conjunction with organ recitals. One that featured music and memorabilia of Margaret Sandresky was presented on March 22, 2019, at Christ United Methodist Church in Greensboro after an organ recital by Kimberly Marshall presented by the concert series, Music for a Great Space. On May 5, a similar exhibit was presented at Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem after a concert of Margaret Sandresky’s music honoring her 98th birthday.

Exhibits of music and memorabilia, related to the composers whose music was performed, were presented after recitals sponsored by the Piedmont AGO Chapter at Guilford Park Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, June 16th; Parkway Presbyterian, Winston-Salem, July 17th; Ardmore United Methodist Church, Winston-Salem, August 4th; and Grace United Methodist Church, Greensboro, August 11th.​​​​​​​



We are developing an entirely new website this year but using the same website address, www.wayneleupold.com.



Financial Donations

We continue to receive financial contributions from interested individuals and both current and former board members for all of which we are most grateful and appreciative!

A Significant Contribution

On January 1, 2020, all the assets (copyrights, inventory, stock, and office furniture) of  Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc., were given to The Leupold Foundation. Now known as “Leupold Editions, A Division of The Leupold Foundation,” it is now the publishing division of the foundation fulfills the portion of its mission: “...the reproduction and dissemination of the culture of the culture of the pipe organ.” This transition opens new opportunities for publishing meaningful and useful publications for the organ world as a non-profit publishing unit of the foundation. The eight employees of Leupold Editions (formerly Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.) have joined the two employees and two volunteers of The Leupold Archives for a total of twelve personnel now involved in The Leupold Foundation.


Our First Future Bequest—A Legacy Gift

Robin Dinda, a former board member of The Leupold Foundation, has announced a $150,000 future bequest in his will to The Leupold Foundation. This bequest will come from the estate of his late wife, Renea Waligora, and will be made in her memory. Robin's future gift—a wonderful legacy—will assist in strengthening, long term our ability to continue our mission.


Final Thoughts

Life should be meaningful!

Life should be meaningful! The purpose of life is to be useful, responsible, and compassionate; to matter, to stand for something, and to make a positive difference in some small way so that the world is a better place tomorrow than it was yesterday. The Leupold Foundation was created to make such a difference by being a gift, to the future, of “all things organ,” especially its repertoire, how it was and is played, and how and who taught it, performed it, and recorded it.
My best wishes to you,

Wayne Leupold
Founder, The Leupold Foundation

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