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Hi, My name is David Chamberlain and I am the new Nordic service manager here at Gear West. Along with managing the service department I will be running the stone grinding operations using our Tazzari RP-23. We have added a few new grinds as well as re-organized and re-named our grind menu for the coming year. We believe in a core menu that has grinds that are good in all snow types and our new menu is simple to follow, the increasing numbers mean an increase in temperature. Also new this year are two new hot box service options for you to get the most out of your skis. Whether you have one pair of skis or a lot of skis, we are excited for the opportunity to work with you this winter.

After ski fitting the next most important step in finding the perfect ski experience is choosing the right grind. In what can be a complicated topic, at Gear West we strive to make structure decisions simple and easy. We do this by passing along our understanding of our grind menu and our experience with testing and development. Our key grinds perform over a broad range of conditions, but we also are able to cut more specific grinds that can be used to maximize performance in specific conditions. Stone grinding is one of the pieces we have in place that sets us apart from our competitors.

Stone grinding is the ultimate in care for your skis. The process starts by removing a small amount of base material from the ski. This achieves a few things, it flattens the base, minimizes any imperfections, and also takes away material that has been damaged by excessive heat from waxing. Opening up the base material this way allows the sintered structure of the material to accept wax better. In the new world of liquid waxes this is especially important to help improve the durability of the wax applications. After flattening, the ski is polished to a mirror like structure before a new structure pattern is imprinted into the material. Lastly the base goes through extensive post-grind steps to further clean and polish the ski before waxing. The end result is a base that looks great, is easy to work with, and is ready to perform at its best.


 LZ0 Skate

The LZO is a fine, cold snow grind that is suitable for all cold snow types. It has an ideal range of -10F to 15F but can often perform outside of this range. The LZO is a good option for those skiers looking for a grind for a dedicated pair of cold skis, and can also be a suitable option as a base grind for those experienced with hand structure.


 LZ2 Skate

The LZ2 is a universal grind that runs well in all snow types and has a broad temperature range. This grind is our go to grind for customers looking for one grind that performs in all conditions. It accepts hand structure very well, and can be made more aggressive this way for warm and wet conditions.


 PL3 Skate

The PL3 is another universal grind that has a broad range and runs well in many different snow types. It is a more aggressive than our LZ2 making it a better option as a universal grind for areas of the country that have warmer and more humid snow. It is also a good option as a base grind for warmer profile skate skis and clear base skis.


PL4 Skate

The PL3 and PL4 are best suited for transformed snow, but the PL3 will often run in new snow if the humidity is high enough. The PL4 is aggressive skate grind for wet snow conditions - range +32F and up. The PL4 is for wet, transformed snow and is a good choice for those with a dedicated wet snow ski.


 Vario Skate

The Vario is a new grind that uses our new VarioTech technology on our RP-23. This technology allows us to cut grinds that become increasingly more aggressive from tip to tail. The Vario has a wide range and runs best in transformed and man-made snow. We are excited about the new technology on our machine and will be testing it with our other core grinds this coming winter. Check back with us this winter for updates about how our testing is going.

We have three new classic grinds the LCO, LC2, and LC4. Unique to most other classic grinds, these grinds are centered, linear grinds that start at the center of the ski and trend off the ski to the right and the left. This structure design offers better water management and tracking of the ski. Our new classic grinds are also cut using our new variotech technology on the RP23. This is technology that allows us to cut grinds that get increasingly more aggressive from tip to tail giving the ski the most structure where it is needed. The LC2 is our most commonly used classic grind and is a perfect choice for those looking for one grind to perform in all conditions.


 LC0 Classic


 LC2 Classic


 LC4 Classic

Team and Fleet Service



For coaches and team leaders looking for bulk service we offer a number of good deals on team grind batches. We are happy to grind as big a batch as can be sent our way and can also offer consulting on grind selection to maximize ski performance. Collectively as a staff we have experience skiing and testing all over the world and we use that experience to make sure skis get the appropriate grind for where they will be used. Click on the link provided here to download the bulk service form. 

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